Friends With Benefits…Why I Can’t Live Without My Morning Cup of Joe

I thought this might be appropriate for the holiday season.  A time when we add to our already hectic schedules the responsibilities of Bargain-Hunting Santa, Cheery Decorating Elf, Baker Extraordinaire, Generous Host(ess) and Entertainer, Tireless Traveler, and Party Planning Expert…all while the daylight hours are shrinking and the temperatures are dropping.  I have a feeling you get through these days with a little help from your friend and mine.

Image by Lea Csontos

….think of all the good coffee does for us.  It makes us productive, sociable, cheery citizens of the earth.

After the first few moments when my eyes adjust from their slumber, my thoughts drift to my morning cup of coffee.  It’s a valuable and loyal friend.  It gently welcomes me into the day, supports me with it’s delicious aroma, and hugs my taste buds with it’s full, warm embrace.  The first sip is always divine.  After a few more dips into the steamy liquid, I can feel the corners of my mouth lift slightly upwards, my eyes open to their full range, and my movements speed up a notch.  Ahhh, the magic of coffee.

Aside from the possible health issues with caffeine and drinking it in excess, think of all the good coffee does for us.  It makes us productive, sociable, cheery citizens of the earth.  Nothing wrong with that.  Of course, I would rather be one of those au natural people who doesn’t covet a hot, creamy cup of deliciousness to spark her day, and doesn’t need it to check off all her duties on her to-do lists.  I’ve tried time and time again to end my friendship with coffee, hoping I would be able to function without it.  The longest I lasted was two months, and only because I was drinking green tea.  I do admit I felt great for about a week or two (after two weeks of caffeine-withdrawal agony) but then it became harder to wake up, stay awake, and remain busy…and happy.  The question is:  Is it better to be a pleasant, prolific person who drinks a large french press pot of coffee a day, or a caffeine-free martyr who is crabby, confused, and unmotivated?  Hmmm, I’ll take what’s behind door #1 please.

While medical and scientific experts zip back and forth on the debate of whether coffee is our friend or foe, I’ll stick with what’s best for me in the time being…starting each day with my old reliable friend, Mr. Coffee.

Go ahead, share your thoughts!

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