Top Ten Posts of 2010

It’s been nearly a year since I first shared this blog with the world.  In some ways, it seems longer because I’ve learned so much from this year.  In other ways, I feel the time has flown by; it has been a complete joy writing these posts and connecting with all of you.

As we approach this new year, we see a prevalence of stories centered on looking over the past 365 days:  Countdown to 2011, Year in Review, Best of 2010, etc.  I thought it wouldn’t hurt to jump on this bandwagon and celebrate Words Are Food’s first year with Top Ten Posts of 2010.  How did I figure out the winners?  Well, Word Press, the blogging platform I use, made it simple by calculating the number of visits for each of my posts.  I anticipated some of the winners–predicting older posts were more likely to have more visits–but there were a few surprises.  Here is the countdown:

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All-Natural Ginger Buffalo Wings

This was my first time making buffalo wings and I know why.  I’m not big on eating meat off bones.  However, I put my aversion aside in honor of two American traditions, wings and football.  I’m happy I did…it’s an awesome recipe!


Juniper Spice-Crusted Steak with Sapphire Collins

Another really fabulous recipe.  And another opportunity to practice a fancy meat-centered dish.  I made a big batch of this spice mix to use on other meats too, with very favorable results.


Mango Sorbet with Thai Basil and Coconut

Packed with exotic flavors, but no guilt, this sorbet is such a treat in warm weather months.


Life Lessons I Learned from Dad

Our parents have passed along some pretty useful information to us, haven’t they?  I thought I’d share some of the gems I’ve learned from Dad.


Super-Natural Recovery Shake

Totally natural and totally delicious, this shake is the perfect post-workout meal.


10 Marriage Commandments to Love By

Sound advice from couples who know what it takes to keep the love alive!  This was a really special post because while interviewing these family members, I got a whole lot more information than I was able to share in this post.  Stories I had never heard before, stories that lead to related stories…the time I spent with them was so enjoyable and such a privilege.


It’s Affirmative…Affirmations are Powerful!

Some may think they’re silly, but I’m a firm believer in affirmations.  This post explains why.


Natural Makeup Review:  Alima Pure

We’re exposed to way too many chemicals in our daily lives without even knowing it, so why put chemical-laden products on our largest organ, our skin, every day?  This post is the first in my search for pure, all-natural products to use and share with you.


9 Food Blogs You Must Visit

We all have to start somewhere in the blogging world, and we usually look to others who are established and successful as a template.  These are the blogs from which I gained inspiration and why they rock in the food blogosphere.

And here’s #1

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead:  A Documentary

Joe Cross isn’t afraid of having the odds stacked against him.  This successful but horribly out of shape Aussie lets us join his cross-country journey as he loses a ton of weight and changes the lives of everyone he meets.  I was lucky enough to view his fantastic film earlier this year, but watch for its DVD release Spring 2011!

Well, there it is!  I’d love to know what you think of this countdown.  Do you have any favorites that didn’t make the list?

8 More Food Blogs You Must Visit

Photos by K.C. © 2010 Kristin Conroy

In my post 9 Food Blogs You Must Visit, I shared the amazing people and sites from which I gained inspiration for Words Are Food when I was putting it together.  With the gazillion or so blogs out there dedicated to the love of food, there are certainly more websites with which a food-lover must be familiar than the 9 I listed!  Here are more of my top picks….

No Recipes

There actually are recipes on this blog, tons of them.  The title No Recipes refers to Marc’s approach to food:  He rarely follows a recipe in the kitchen, and encourages his readers to use his recipes as a point of inspiration instead of as a formula that you need to follow.  I really enjoy the background, history, and tips he includes in his posts related to the featured dishes.  It’s one thing to cook up a delicious recipe.  It’s another thing entirely to know from what country the dish originated, how people eat it there, how it fits into their culture, and multiple ways to enjoy the recipe at home.  I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with Marc a bit, and I hope to join the Forage and Feast festivities next year!

Gourmet Fury

Melody Fury has got it goin’ on.   This Vancouver-based food fanatic is a writer, photographer, host, reporter, social media personality, the founder of Vancouver Food Tour, and probably some other things too.  Where does she find the time?  I don’t know if her name is the one given to her at birth, but she certainly lives up to it!  Her posts are lively, entertaining, witty, snappy, and full of such tasty offerings as food recipes, videos, interviews, and reviews.  So pretty much whatever you can do related to food.  Get caught up in the food fury!


I recently happened upon Matt’s blog via Gourmet Fury.  This exceptional British photographer living in Seattle has an equally exceptional array of local, sustainable, healthy recipes focusing on seafood and charcuterie.  Yeah, I was impressed too.  I imagine myself in one of those comical scenes from Julie & Julia if I were to attempt to recreate some of his dishes, but I doubt that would deter me from having a go at them.  Because his whimsically alluring photographs create a gravitational pull toward the kitchen.

Sassy Radish

I had “heard” the name Sassy Radish mentioned in my wanderings in the food blogosphere, but hadn’t made it over there until recently.  Boy, was I missing out.  The lovely Olga, a self-proclaimed finance geek by day, manages to find time to craft and share healthful recipes that simply showcase the fresh ingredients’ flavors.  Her photographs are lovely, her writing is friendly and sweet, and her food is delish.  What more could you ask for?

La Tartine Gourmande

This crush-worthy food blog by Béa reminds me of another charming French food photographer/stylist, Helen of Tartelette (featured in my post 9 Food Blogs You Must Visit).  It’s not because of their shared country of origin or career choice.  It’s the light-infused, jaw-dropping photos and effortlessly brilliant food styling. The lyrical, conversational tone of their posts.  The impulse to carve out an entire day to delve into their recipe archives.  Not bad traits to share, n’est–ce pas?

Cannelle et Vanille

If you’re a lover of sweets (whether eating, just looking at, or both) and you’re not yet familiar with Aran’s blog, get acquainted this very second!  Her stunning photography will make you gasp, as will her food creations.  Although her recipes are a bit intricate and time-consuming for someone like me–a novice maker/baker of pastries and sweets–I can’t help but dream that one day, I will be whipping up Aran’s sigh-worthy delicacies with ease.

Smitten Kitchen

There are many reasons to be smitten with Deb’s blog. The remarkable food portraits. The “comfort food” recipes elevated to suit royalty.  The unfussy ingredients.  The closed eyelids and audible sigh that escapes from one’s quivering mouth after the first taste of her finished creations.  Really? Yes, really.  Make one of her recipes and see if you can resist Smitten Kitchen‘s spell.

Kiss My Spatula

If you couldn’t guess from her blog’s title, Giao likes to have some fun.  And that’s just what this site is, full of fun and zest for food and life. Her writing is honest, poetic, and brimming with beauty; her posts read like short stories, life and food intertwined as they so often are in life. Her photography is fresh, inspirational, and creative; a bright, clear sky with just the tail of a passing bird and a smidgen of red rock, a collage of both muted and color-saturated images, a winsome photo laid out side-by-side in triplicate.  Her recipes are edible art; wholesome ingredients crafted into tasty dishes, each recipe accompanied by a music pairing.  Yes, you read correctly, a music pairing.  Like I said, this lady knows how to have some fun.

I’d love to hear what your favorite food blogs and websites are, please share with us!


9 Food Blogs You Must Visit


[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=blogging&iid=306844″ src=”0303/0000303554.jpg?adImageId=11244857&imageId=306844″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /]When I was researching blogs in preparation for launching my own, there were some sites to which I was drawn due to their quality content, stunning website design, and the bloggers’ great personalities.  Although these sites appear on my blogroll, I thought it would be helpful to tell you why I recommend them.  I discovered and bookmarked these sites long before realizing they all know each other…interesting, although it does make sense that successful (aka award-winning!) food bloggers and photographers would run into each other.  Some day I hope to join their circle of friends! 😉  Hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do!  I listed these blogs in no particular order. Click on the names of the blogs to go to their websites.  For most, I specifically linked to posts that sum up my review of them.

Tartelette photography here —  For food and photos

Meet Helen, professional photographer and master of pastries ‘n’ all things sweet.  She has a warm, comforting, casual way of speaking that you might expect from a good friend, and also imbues a vivid, poignant quality into her words.  While I don’t make any of her desert recipes (I’m afraid of what will happen to my physique if I do!), I enjoy reading her posts and devouring her delectable sweets–sans calories–through her drool-worthy pictures.  I plan to prepare some of her savory dishes though, which are worth checking out.  If I had time, I would read every recipe–seriously, the photos are so exquisite and her stories are easy and fun to read.

Use Real Butter —  For the photos

Jennifer is a cancer survivor, outdoor enthusiast, and self-proclaimed smart ass.  As a professional photographer who blogs about food, her pictures are to die for–after you’ve gobbled up every last crumb.  I find most of them so breathtaking, I want to cry in appreciation.  Take a look at the first picture on the linked page, it almost jumps out from the computer screen, it’s so vivid and mesmerizing.  She has a very conversational style and fun sense of humor…seems like she would be a blast to hang out with!

Matt Bites photography here —  For food and photos

This is an appropriate title for this professional photographer and food-styler’s blog.  Matt writes about lip-smacking food–which you can’t wait to bite into–and delivers his posts with a witty, biting sense of humor.  So Matt does bite…in a good way.

Deliciously Organic —  For the food (organic & unrefined ingredients!)

I was so thrilled to stumble upon Carrie’s food blog.  She never uses white flour or white sugar, and only uses unrefined ingredients–which is rare to find, even on “organic” and “natural food” websites. Carrie gets her culinary genes from her mom, and shares that she has been cookin’ in the kitchen since she was a wee one.  I love her recipes and look forward to making my way through all of them. And her food portraits ain’t too bad either!

White on Rice Couple —  For food and photos

From the title of their blog, you know something about Diane and Todd right off the bat.  That this is a fun, not-too-serious couple who playfully embraces their stereotypes–he’s from white country, she’s from rice country, and they’re inseparable…very clever!  This website is chock-full of delightful photos, recipes, tutorials, and information.  I could spend hours eating up all the treats these full-time photographers and part-time food writers offer us.

Not Without Salt —  For food and photos

Another cleverly named blog, Ashley puts it all out there with her honest, down-to-earth style and inspiring photography.  She blogs about a wide variety of subjects other than food–recent posts center around bringing spring indoors by making a cherry blossom tree, and how to fashion your own stylish hair ornaments.  I can inhale her posts and photos in one sitting and find myself promising, “Just one more….”

101 Cookbooks —  For food (unrefined ingredients!) and photos

This blog is the first one I had found that focused on natural, whole food ingredients that were minimally–if at all–processed.  Heidi is a professional photographer who started her blog by putting her 101 cookbook collection to use and ended up with a cookbook of her own.  Compared to the bright backgrounds of White on Rice and Matt Bites, her pictures are earthy and muted; she often photographs her food on wooden tables and parchment paper-lined baking sheets.  On a recent visit to her blog, her style of photography set a scene in my mind of Heidi eating at a communal table, wearing a chunky cardigan, and sharing great conversation with friends…in Washington or Oregon.  She lives in San Francisco, and I’m sure she doesn’t live in knit sweaters or exclusively have hippie friends, but that’s the image I got.  I’ve made a few of her recipes–they are vegetarian by the way–and have been thrilled with the results.  How often can you make brownies out of black beans (no flour!), bring them to a party, and have everyone think they are made of fudge?  Not going to happen, unless of course you made Heidi’s Amazing Black Bean Brownies!

Simply Recipes —  For the food

You could take a three-day vacation on Elise’s massive site.  I couldn’t believe the library of recipes she has on there.  You can search recipes by main ingredient, course type, or by special category–budget, quick recipes, Gluten-free, low-carb, vegetarian, Mexican and Tex-Mex.  I have made many of her recipes and have sighed in delight after tasting such creations as her French Onion Soup and Eggplant Parmesan–truly the best I’ve ever eaten!  Her homestyle, comfort food is a hit every time!

Steamy Kitchen —  For food and photos

I think it’s fitting I end on an extremely high–but pleasant–note with Jaden’s site.  I’ve actually met her and felt an instant connection with this photographer/TV personality chef/food columnist/cookbook writer/mom/SuperWoman.  She’s sweet, full of energy, and will have you rolling on the hopefully clean floor in laughter.  Her writing is entertaining and chef knife sharp, and her humor is smart and loaded like a potato with all the toppings.  Jaden’s photography and recipes are no-fuss, quick, fun, and lovely…just like her!

What do you think about this list?  Do you have any other quality blogs to add?