Green Dream Juice and Smoothie Recipe

Ingredients for Green Dream Juice

These two recipes are smooth, mild, and cooling…perfect for easy drinking on a hot day.

Recipe for Green Dream Juice

makes approximately 40 ouncesGreen Dream Juice

  • 2 large organic apples, cored and cut to fit in juicer – I recommend Golden Delicious or Fuji
  • 2 large cucumbers, peeled
  • 2 limes, peeled
  • 1 inch fresh ginger – No need to peel
  • 4 leaves green kale with stalks – Red kale won’t change the taste of the juice, but it will definitely change the color!

Recipe for Green Dream Smoothie

makes approximately 20 ouncesGreen Dream Smoothie

  • 1 large cucumber, peeled
  • 1 lime, peel cut away
  • 1 large organic apples, cored and cut – I recommend Golden Delicious or Fuji
  • ½ inch fresh ginger, peeled or 1 teaspoon ginger juice 
  • 1 green kale leaf with stalk
  • 2-3 ice cubes

Add ingredients in order listed in a powerful blender, like Vita-Mix, and blend until smooth. Add a small amount of liquid (coconut water, almond milk, etc.) if needed to help the blending process.

Pear-fect Kale

This is a pear-fect holiday dish.  The fragrance of vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon wafting through your kitchen will get you into the holiday mood.  This is a lovely accompaniment to turkey, beef, or lamb.  Try this dish instead of marshmallow or candied yams–you’ll still get the sweetness you crave without all the crap sugar.  Your body will thank you!

Note: If you notice the photo looks suspiciously like the one I used for my Apple Fennel Kale post, you would be correct.  Good job Watson!  I somehow forgot to photograph the dish before eating it.  Whoops!  But the dish looks very similar to this photo, so I used it again.  Hope you don’t mind!

Recipe for Pear-fect Kale

The amounts of these ingredients can be adjusted to suit your taste preferences.

1 bunch green kale; stems cut into ¼ inch pieces, leaves sliced into ½ inch strips – Watch this video to see how

about 1 cup chopped pears – Make sure they are very ripe

fresh ginger, grated

1 tablespoon butter

couple tablespoons chicken or vegetable stock

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

couple pinches Chinese Five Spice Powder – This is a mixture of cinnamon, fennel, cloves, star anise, and white pepper.  Frontier makes a nice one.

sea salt to taste

Melt butter in deep sauté pan, add stems and stock and cook for a few minutes.  Add ginger and continue cooking for another minute.  Add pears and vanilla extract, cook for another few minutes.  Add kale leaves, cover pan, and cook until leaves turn a vibrant green.  Uncover, shut off heat, mix ingredients.  Add spice powder and sea salt, mix again.

Merry Christmas!

Apple Fennel Kale

This is a warm, comforting fall/winter dish that won’t pack on the pounds.  Kale, the heart of this recipe, packs a powerful nutritional punch.  The addition of apple adds sweetness, and the fennel provides interest and another layer of yumminess.  Serve as a side dish, or make it a main meal by adding protein–chicken sausage goes really well with the flavors.

Recipe for Apple Fennel Kale

1 bunch organic kale, ends trimmed – I used Red Russian but you can use any type of kale available

2 stalks fennel (white part only), thinly sliced then chopped

organic apple, cored and chopped – Any variety you enjoy will do, I used about a cup, adjust to your tastes

1 tablespoon olive oil

Chicken or vegetable stock (with only quality ingredients and sea salt) – This is just to keep everything moist, you’ll probably only need a few tablespoons

Herbes de Provence (blend of culinary lavender, basil, fennel, rosemary, savory, and thyme) – Use whichever of these spices you have

freshly ground pepper

sea salt

Separate the stems of kale from its leaves; pull off leaves by loosely grabbing near stem end and pulling away from you.  Watch the first minute of this video for a demonstration.  Cut stems into quarter-inch pieces.  Add olive oil to deep sauté pan and heat on medium.  Add stems and cook for 1 minute.  Add fennel, a couple splashes of stock, and cook for another minute.  Add apples and continue cooking.  While mixture cooks, prepare leaves by rolling into fat cigar shape and slicing into bite-size strips.  Add leaves, cover pan with lid, and cook for a minute or two.  Uncover, mix ingredients well, and continue to cook until leaves are tender.  Turn off heat and add spices.  Toss and serve.

Simple Kale Recipe [Video]

Kale is one of my favorite leafy veggies.  This powerhouse green is nutritious and delicious.  What’s not to love?  Here’s a short video showing a simple way to prepare and cook kale.  Enjoy!

Feel free to use another high-quality fat like grass-fed butter or coconut oil instead of olive oil.  To make this dish vegetarian, substitute vegetable stock for the chicken stock.

Kale! How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…

Photo by K.C. © 2010 Kristin Conroy

Kale had me hooked at first bite.  It’s the powerhouse of leafy greens and my go-to vegetable.  This green hero has never let me down, and I dare say my life would not be the same in its absence.  Kale is a chameleon of sorts–its versatility a result of its demure flavor–so you can cook it, season it, and serve it in so many ways.  My husband is not an eater of copious amounts or varieties of vegetables, but even he devours my offerings of kale.  He says every time, “This is good…what am I eating again?”

So how do I love my kale?  Let me list some of the ways, so you too may shower this leafy superstar with the adoration it deserves!

  1. Shredded in soups
  2. Sautéed with onion, garlic, and ginger
  3. Added to a stir-fry
  4. Sautéed with sausage, peppers, and onions
  5. Baked into kale chips like Steamy Kitchen does
  6. Made into a sweet snack by sautéing with coconut oil, raisins, shredded coconut, and cinnamon and/or cardamom

I used to question the meaning behind buttons and stickers proclaiming “Eat more kale!” or “I love kale!”  Now I know.  I would also proudly display those pieces of flare if I had them.  Hint, hint.

Don’t be shy…if you have more ideas for cooking kale, please share!  Let’s spread the love!