3 Simple Steps to Achieving Health and Wellness Resolutions

It's the first week of January.  A brand new year.  You've got your resolutions in hand, or on your mind, and you promise yourself this is the year you're actually going to achieve all of them!  Are you?  I'm not trying to be rude, just practical.  It's common for people to be excited about their … Continue reading 3 Simple Steps to Achieving Health and Wellness Resolutions

Avoiding the Holiday Party Bulge

Between office functions, family gatherings, and friends' parties, your December calendar is crammed with opportunities for reveling in holiday spirit, as well as packing on a pound or two or three or.... But it doesn't have to be that way!  Here are some tips to keep you looking and feeling great while enjoying the spirit … Continue reading Avoiding the Holiday Party Bulge

Bite Your Words

Remember the post Eating Your Words on Purpose?  Here is a continuation of the conversation about food-related words. Words Are Food Phrases #2:  How do you eat an elephant? I think we all know the answer to this riddle...One bite at a time.  I love this saying because it plunges deeper than the surface answer … Continue reading Bite Your Words

“Eating your words” on purpose

[tweetmeme] [picapp align="left" wrap="true" link="term=words&iid=8736" src="0008/4305a8ed-0a56-480c-a959-f27ad5e093f8.jpg?adImageId=12731439&imageId=8736" width="234" height="351" /] This idiom popped into my head a few times over the last day or so.  It got me pondering the traditional definition, and what it could mean if we took it out of context.  I thought it might be intriguing to explore between the lines, forage … Continue reading “Eating your words” on purpose

Ditch the Dieting…Eat For Life!

For almost all of my adult life, I’ve been on one diet or another.  From Atkins to Alkaline, No-Fat Food to No Food, I’ve pretty much done them all...along with some crazy creations I came up with myself.  The two dominating emotions I feel during dieting are misery (if I am “good”) and guilt (if … Continue reading Ditch the Dieting…Eat For Life!