Spring Has Arrived and What’s Coming Next…

Photo by K.C. © 2010 Kristin Conroy

Hooray!  Spring is here!

Time to shed all those winter clothes

To bare your skin to the sun, wind, and air.

Time to commune with nature

To wiggle your toes in the grass and feel your connection to the earth.

Time to get moving–mentally and physically–by cleaning out all the cobwebs and mothballs from a long, cold winter

To enjoy picnics, walks in the park, games of tennis…anything outdoors that gets you recharged and invigorated!

With all the wonderful things Spring brings, there are usually closely followed by a host of predicaments…

  1. Not feeling confident in unveiling your post-hibernation body to the world?  No worries!  I’ll show you how to cleanse yourself of toxins–and pounds–by Detoxing the Easy Way (Yes, this was what you voted for!)
  2. Allergies got you buried under a mound of snotty tissues and sinus meds? Follow me on my journey to beat allergies the natural way in my series In Search of Natural Allergy Relief.
  3. Seeking out the best nature spots? I’ll unveil nature oases in NYC in my post Desperately Seeking Nature.  Note:  The titles of the posts will probably change, but only for better ones.  Naturally.

Plus I’ll be in the kitchen serving up some seasonal spring recipes for your tasting pleasure!  Stay tuned!  But not by your computer…get out and play!

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