Natural Makeup Review: 100% Pure Cosmetics

I’d been hearing a buzz about 100% Pure for a while, from makeup artists, green websites, and natural-makeup lovers.  Since I needed some foundation and mascara, and I’m always on the lookout for completely non-toxic makeup, I decided to give this company a go.  I mean 100% pure is exactly what I’m looking for!

While I was browsing their products, I clicked on the ingredients lists to see for myself if they were actually that pure.  Never just take marketing for face value, you’ve got to read and research the ingredients yourself…there are so many products that claim to be healthy, non-toxic, natural, etc. that aren’t!  I was really impressed with the ingredients of all of their products, and their makeup is pigmented only by fruits and vegetables.  Awesome!  In the past, I’d seen versions of fruit-pigmented makeup and had been sorely disappointed by how they looked on my skin.  But talented natural-makeup artists wouldn’t recommend this brand if it wasn’t good, so I decided to go for it.

I always check out makeup collections or gift sets because I either get a better deal than purchasing the items separately, or I can try out smaller sizes without too much of a commitment.  I found one that had exactly what I wanted:  Tinted moisturizer, mascara, and eye cream in the Fruit Pigmented 3-Piece Try Me Set.  Fabulous!

Here’s what arrived….

Tinted Moisturizer (SPF 20) – This foundation evened out my skin tone nicely.  It comes in seven different shades (five are offered in the Try Me Set).  To help you choose the right color for your skin, they show the faces of women each shade works best on.  As with all tinted moisturizers, don’t expect them to hide any blemishes or major splotchiness.    It’s perfect for daytime and weekend errands with its sheer coverage and sun protection.  Take a look at the ingredients by clicking on the photo on the right…nothing but nature in there!

Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream – The first thing I noticed was the fragrance but I couldn’t quite place it….Mocha coffee?  Hazelnut coffee?  Tiramisu?  I don’t know.  But it’s an absolutely delicious concoction only nature can provide!  Oh, I suppose I should mention what it does for your eyes, huh?  Green tea and coffee work together to give a double punch to puffiness and dark circles, that’s what!  Just be aware that others might unexplainably crave dessert when they get near those bright eyes of yours!

Black Tea Mascara – This mascara smells slightly like fruit punch…seriously.  I know I’m getting hung up on the smells, but how often does your makeup, especially mascara, smell good?  Black Tea (blackest black) was the only color offered in this set, but it also comes in Blackberry (shimmery black plum), Blueberry (shimmery blue-black), and Dark Chocolate (shimmery black-brown).  This mascara goes on very nicely; lengthening and separating lashes while giving them a nice gloss.  I’m sorry to say I didn’t find it water-resistant though, definitely not ideal for muggy summers or sappy movies.

I was already pretty pleased with my purchases.  But wait, that wasn’t all I got…

They included a bunch of freebies!  I was surprised to find a generous pot of Raspberry Lip Butter.  If I didn’t know better, I would’ve assumed I’d been kissing glossy raspberries!  There were also five nourishing body cream samples that felt rich on my skin but absorbed quickly with no greasy feeling left behind.  Love that!  If you’re keen on dessert/fruit fragrances, you’ll love the scent of these lotions I got to try:  Cabernet Grape (grape soda), Honey Almond (little Italian almond cookies), Coconut (coconut macaroon), Vanilla Bean (adult milkshake), and Green Apple (green appletini).  But don’t worry, you won’t be mistaken for dessert…the scents fade soon after application, leaving behind only a faint hint of yumminess.

Verdict:  I will most certainly purchase more products from 100% Pure.  I love that I found another brand of truly all-natural skin care and makeup products that work, and I can feel 100% certain that I’m doing right by my skin!

11 thoughts on “Natural Makeup Review: 100% Pure Cosmetics

  1. Donna says:

    True naturalist are looking for makeups that do NOT contain titanium dioxide! This is known to cause wrinkles, and seep into the bloodstream causing endocrine havoc and cancer. Keep looking around! I think RMS concealer is the only truly natural-safe line so far.

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  2. Mirror of Health & Fashion says:

    I am thinking to purchase this 100% pure products and was trying to get some review on it.This information is very informative and I found out a lot.Thank you for sharing it.Great post…


  3. Dora Hernandez says:

    I feel the same way reading your concern about titanium dioxide. Many studies have shown your concerns are true of minerals milled down to nano sized particles. Not only can they cause wrinkles, leach into the blood stream, bio-accumulate in the body causing endocrine disruption and sometimes cancer, some studies question the prolonged use of this nano particle size being breathed in causing lung disease. The great thing about 100% pure products is the information they have available to customers of the particle size they use in their products which have not been milled down to a nano size.


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