Mocha Protein Shake

This is the perfect drink to have before or after a challenging workout. It's packed with protein, some carbs, other good-for-you-stuff (details below), and it tastes like an iced mocha coffee! Post-workout, get this into your system within 30-60 minutes after exercise to feed those hungry muscles. Sipping this shake before your workout helps fight … Continue reading Mocha Protein Shake

5 All-Natural Solutions to Summer Skin Problems

Ah, summer.  Golden skin, warm rays, outdoor frolicking.  But summer isn't all fun and can cause havoc on your skin.  To make the rest of your summer worry-free in the skin department, here are effective, all-natural solutions to five of your summer skin woes. Problem #1:  Sunbathing has left your skin too tight and/or … Continue reading 5 All-Natural Solutions to Summer Skin Problems

Basically Delicious Popcorn Recipe

I love making popcorn.  Not microwave popcorn though.  I pop it the old-fashioned a pot on the stove.  This method is just as quick, more delicious, and exponentially better for you.  This recipe for basic popcorn, which is not to be confused with bland popcorn, is simple and works well.  My popcorn never burns, … Continue reading Basically Delicious Popcorn Recipe