Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: A Documentary

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Fat, sick, and nearly dead. That was the condition Joe Cross lived in until he decided to take charge of his health and his life.  Joe, a successful businessman from Australia, vowed to leave behind his junk food diet and only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days as he traveled across the United States with a juicer in the back of his car.  He hired a film crew to document his pilgrimage to health, so he must have known it was going to be quite a journey.  He couldn’t have anticipated, however, the monumental effect it would have on his life or on others.

Six months later, and 90 pounds lighter, Joe was eating cleanly, thinking clearly, enjoying incredible health, and on a mission to help as many people as possible.  What started off being about a juice fast, ended up being about maintaining a balanced lifestyle.  Joe has big plans for the U.S., Australia, and Britain…getting everyone access to juicers and information to help them get healthy and choose life.

I was recently invited by my friend Donna to see his not-yet-released film with a few others.  Joe hosted the event in an apartment he was staying in while his owner-friends were away.  I had never experienced a film screening in a private residence before, and it made for a very intimate, comfy, and friendly atmosphere.

Joe served us fresh juices beforehand.  They were so delicious, we struggled not to drink him out of his entire supply.

Enjoying fresh juice before the viewing. Joe is in the background. Issac (far right) is a songwriter/musician from The Kin whose song is featured in the film.

Then we got down to business, watching the film, which was a roller-coaster of heart-warming characters, emotional stories, entertaining delivery of information, and inspiring outcomes.  It is such an important film to see and share with others, I can’t wait for its release.   Afterward, Joe joined us for an honest and in-depth discussion.  He spoke to us about his intentions with the film and his vision for its future, answered any questions we had, and asked for our feedback.

Although I don’t want to tell you the whole story, I would like to share some things I learned from the film:

  • Although no one out of the hundreds of people Joe talked to blamed anyone but themselves for their poor health or eating habits, the consensus was that they didn’t think they possessed the willpower to eat healthfully.
  • The typical American plate only consists of one-quarter vegetables, which are either over-cooked or in some form of potato.  “Would you like fries with that?”
  • Eating fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t cheap, but it’s a lot cheaper than having to treat multiple health ailments due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise.  Cost to juice – around $400/month.  Cost of heart attack – around $58,000.  Buying fresh produce looks like the better deal, right?
  • In the U.S., 70% of adults over the age of 21 take medications, 29% take 5 or more medications.  After 60 days of juicing (the fruit and veggie kind of course), Joe’s doctor discovered he no longer needed the medications he had depended on for so many years.
  • One woman who took Joe up on his 10-day juice fast challenge reported increased energy, clearer skin, and no longer suffered from migraines.
  • Only 1 person out of the 400 Joe met asked for help:  Phil, a truck driver from Arizona who had the same condition as Joe.  He not only lost a ton of weight and got healthy, but found purpose to his life and served as an inspiration to his family and community.   Such an awesome story!

I’d like to clarify that while this film is about juicing, it’s not just about juicing.  It’s about choosing fresh food over processed food.  It’s about taking responsibility for and control of your health.  It’s about choosing life and living it.  I think that’s something we can all get behind.

Want to learn more about the film?  Want to connect with Joe and get healthy?  Become a fan of his Facebook page or sign up for his Reboot email list.


19 thoughts on “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: A Documentary

  1. Denise says:

    Hi Kristin,
    Very interesting story. Do you known where and when will this film be showing? My brother in law (Mike) has just been diagiosned with kidney cancer. I talked with Dr. Rath to make sure he is in good hands with the doctor he chose. But Mike and his wife are very overweight and are in need of a healthier diet. So I’m trying to help guide them anything you could send me to pass on to them would greatlly apprecated. They are junk food junkies… Thanks Denise (The genius) you & your hubby take care….


    • Kristin Conroy says:

      Denise, so sorry to hear about your brother! They don’t yet have a date that the film is coming out, but Joe (the filmmaker) will let me know. I suggest going to the film website where you can find out more information and even pre-order the DVD. I think it will open their eyes, give them much needed information, and inspire them to live healthier lives! xo


      • david says:

        wow awsome i was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer they told me i had 30 days to live if i didn’t do radiation and chemo. i changed my diet and juice 3 times a day its been 7 months and i feel great


    • Necosha says:

      Check out “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out – by Mike Anderson
      Also, ” The Enzyme Factor” by Dr Shinya & Eat Right American (Dr. Fuhrman)

      Peace & Health


    • Sheila says:

      Joe Cross will be in Philadelphia on November 11th forf a free screening of the movie at 7PM. Also, i know of a blend of herbs that will help your brother in law along with a change in diet. Healing is indeed possible with natural methods when there is commitment to the process> Peace, Sheila


  2. margaret says:

    Thank you for this documentry! I loved it. Not only was it inspiring but it was enjoyable to watch. Joe seems like a really likable guy. I plan to watch this documentry again as many times as I need to during my trial with juicing just for the support.


  3. mari says:

    I have always struggle with wieght problem and like u say its nobody’s fault but ourselves we make our own choices ……I am 36 years old and I am ready to make a change in my life style,yes for my own health but because I wana be around for when my kids grow up…..and so I can teach my children good eating habits…..can


    • Kristin Conroy says:

      Thanks for your comments Mari! I applaud that you are ready to take control of your health and understand how important it is to be healthy for yourself and your family. Best of luck on your new journey to amazing health…


  4. eatbysix says:

    Reblogged this on EatBySix and commented:
    Just saw this documentary on Netflix. Although I don’t buy in to fat diets, or radical eating habits, this film is inspiring in terms of making conscious choices about what you put in your body. Kristin does a great job in this blog post relaying this same aspect.


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