You don’t always need a map to start your journey

You've come up with an idea, a goal, a new direction for yourself in a moment of inspiration. You feel your heartbeat quicken, passion pumping through your veins, and can see your desired end-result as clearly as if watching on an HD flat screen T.V. Great feeling, right? The only problem is, you have no … Continue reading You don’t always need a map to start your journey

To Err is Human, to Own it is Divine

I received this article in my inbox a few days ago from Paula Chaffee Scardamalia, a creativity coach and intuitive, who sends out a weekly ezine called Divine Muse-ings. I thought this one was especially brilliant and wanted to share it with you.  Here it is in its entirety, with Paula's blessing. I need to … Continue reading To Err is Human, to Own it is Divine

A Magical Weekend

On July 3oth, I traveled to Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island, to attend the 34th Annual Summer Writing Conference of The International Women's Writing Guild.  The lovely IWWG founder, Hannelore Hahn, was a guest speaker at one of our local writing meetups a few months ago.  After hearing her speak and mentioning the purpose … Continue reading A Magical Weekend

Revisiting Those New Year’s Resolutions

We're more than halfway through the year.  Can you believe it? As summer's end looms over me, I'm experiencing feelings of slight panic. Am I still on track with those resolutions and goals I declared in January? Have I accomplished what I set out to do, or anything at all? Have I fallen out of … Continue reading Revisiting Those New Year’s Resolutions