Apple Fennel Kale

This is a warm, comforting fall/winter dish that won't pack on the pounds.  Kale, the heart of this recipe, packs a powerful nutritional punch.  The addition of apple adds sweetness, and the fennel provides interest and another layer of yumminess.  Serve as a side dish, or make it a main meal by adding protein--chicken sausage … Continue reading Apple Fennel Kale

Simple Kale Recipe [Video]

Kale is one of my favorite leafy veggies.  This powerhouse green is nutritious and delicious.  What's not to love?  Here's a short video showing a simple way to prepare and cook kale.  Enjoy! Feel free to use another high-quality fat like grass-fed butter or coconut oil instead of olive oil.  To make this dish vegetarian, … Continue reading Simple Kale Recipe [Video]

Basic Homemade Mayonnaise

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in store-bought mayonnaise?  Soybean oil, corn starch, sugar, and some things I can't easily pronounce.  Even the health-store brands have some ingredients in there I'm not happy about, like canola oil.  Even though I don't use mayonnaise on a regular basis, my condiment of choice for homemade baked … Continue reading Basic Homemade Mayonnaise

Mango Sorbet with Thai Basil and Coconut

On sweltering summer days, I get to thinking about island vacations and white sand beaches...because if the weather insists on being 100°F with the humidity, I'd like the option to cool off every 5 minutes in aqua oceans or tranquil pools.  It's only right.  Recent island visions gave me cravings for island fruit.  Although I … Continue reading Mango Sorbet with Thai Basil and Coconut

Super-Natural Recovery Shake

After a massively draining--but equally rewarding--workout last week, I wanted to whip up a shake that would help my muscles recover from exhaustion as well as replenish my energy stores.  This is what I came up with, a shake that is supernatural.  (Meant to be a double entendre--as in "very natural" and "extraordinary.")  For about … Continue reading Super-Natural Recovery Shake