Redefining Roadblocks

There's something about encountering a roadblock that makes you want to curl your upper lip into a snarl. You're on the route you want to go, to the place you want to be, and then.... BAM! Full stop. Can't go that way. No can do. Some roadblocks¬†are small and not a big deal. Other times, … Continue reading Redefining Roadblocks

How to Keep High-Vibe Around Negative People

You wake up in an awesome mood, get ready to take on the day with a song and smile, and leave your home with a spring in your step.¬†Then, something happens. You can't quite peg when it started, but your energy sags to the floor, your smile fades, and irritation has replaced joy. You morphed … Continue reading How to Keep High-Vibe Around Negative People