Super-Natural Recovery Shake

After a massively draining--but equally rewarding--workout last week, I wanted to whip up a shake that would help my muscles recover from exhaustion as well as replenish my energy stores.  This is what I came up with, a shake that is supernatural.  (Meant to be a double entendre--as in "very natural" and "extraordinary.")  For about … Continue reading Super-Natural Recovery Shake

Green Power Smoothie

If you enjoy sipping your fruits and greens but want the added benefit of protein, this is the smoothie for you!  It's a perfect drink after lifting weights, following a tough workout, or for anytime you need a protein boost.  Most protein powders out there have artificial sweeteners and strange ingredients concocted in laboratories, so … Continue reading Green Power Smoothie

2 Green Smoothies, 6 Ways to Enjoy Them

[tweetmeme] During this cleanse, I've been experimenting with smoothies.  I've managed to discover some tasty concoctions while getting in a remarkable amount of dark leafy greens!  To those of you who have never had a green smoothie, try to keep an open mind.  It's not like drinking wheat grass, which anyone will admit tastes exactly … Continue reading 2 Green Smoothies, 6 Ways to Enjoy Them