Dreams Gone Wild!

Π in the Sky Photo by K.C. © 2010 Kristin Conroy

[tweetmeme] Sometimes I’m going about my day and have this nagging feeling I’ve done something wrong.  There is a veil of guilt surrounding me.  I frantically backtrack in my head to uncover my wrong doing and…realize it all happened in a dream.

Dreams appear as a mirage glistening in the wide open spaces of my subconscious. Visible only to me, known only to me.  Mine to share or mine to keep private.  Sometimes even I am not privy to the details of my sleep stories.  I am only left with an impression, an imprint, an aura…nothing more.  Traumatic or powerful dreams leave an emotional impact like the aftermath of a 7.8 earthquake, complete with aftershocks.  I can not control or manipulate my dreams.  I have often awaken for some reason or another and, in my sleepy state, been determined to change The Dream Channel when my eyes close again.  I desperately click through the program guide, yearning to watch a comedy, cartoon, musical–anything but the horrific or heart-wrenching show I’ve had on.  But as I enter deep slumber, my hold weakens on the remote control and my subconscious wrestles the clicker from my hand…and continues with the original program.

Obviously, not all dreams cause this sort of commotion.  Dreams can be inspiring, uplifting, and beautiful.  Dreams allow us to think freely and creatively–upside down, sideways, and swirly–and can result in new or unique ideas.  Our daytime minds are often barricaded by limiting thoughts, past experiences, and perceived reality.  Dreams knock down the walls and let our thoughts out to run and play with abandon.  Perhaps our sleeping dreams become our waking dreams, guiding us to amazing opportunities and experiences.

Whether delightful or downright dreadful, dreams are extraordinary, wild creatures that cannot be tamed or exiled.  And while I’m not thrilled with all the content on The Dream Channel, I’m thankful that it’s available through my Subconscious Cable provider.


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