My Quest for a Natural Allergy Solution, Part 3


April 22, 2010

This is the day of reckoning.  I am to find out if my body responded to the Sublingual Immunotherapy and whether I can be declared free of my cat allergies.  A couple of hours before my appointment, I get a phone call from the allergist at the ear, nose, and throat doctor’s office.  It’s disappointing news: There will be no allergy test, my doctor wants to keep me on a maintenance plan for a while longer. I’ll just be going in to get my new vial and worksheet.  Oh well.  I’ll do whatever I’m supposed to in order to lead an allergy-free life.

I arrive at the ENT office and, as usual, find it amusing and slightly sad that everyone knows who I am by name and/or face.  If this was a different place of business, I’d feel honored.  But in my case it means I’ve had way too many health issues.  I love the ladies who work here, but I’d rather not have to see them so frequently.  When the doctor comes into my room, I tell her I haven’t experienced any allergy attacks (except one day) or sinus infections.  She is pleased but explains that my therapy is not over, and I need to continue with a maintenance plan.  I actually wasn’t supposed to have a break in the therapy–I guess there was a little misunderstanding on that point. I share that I’ve blogged about my experience in searching for a natural allergy solution, and that I had told my readers I was getting a skin allergy test today.  Being the lovely, supportive woman she is, the doctor offered to let me take the test.  Yes!!

This time around, I took a picture of all the allergens that comprise the skin allergy test.  It’s always nice to know what you’re being poked with, and I thought you folks might be interested in the multitudes of things that create allergy misery for so many people.  In section A, histamine is the control, and will create a welt on everyone.  So obviously, a raised welt appeared on my arm almost immediately following a burning/itching sensation.  No other welts appeared. May I just point out the implications of that last statement?  No other welts appeared apart from the control, meaning no reaction to the cat hair allergen, meaning no more allergies to cats! Heck yeah!  I was so excited, I gave my fabulous allergist Tina a high-five.

When you click on the photos for a larger view, make sure to use the “back arrow” button on your browser to return to this post.  I can’t make a new window appear for photo galleries.

I will continue to take the maintenance drops for 3 weeks, using the same protocol as the previous times, and then continue using 3 drops/day for 6 weeks after that.  I suppose the purpose is to further strengthen my tolerance.

I am so pleased to share this awesome news with all of you.  Not just because I seem to be cured, but that my journey might help some of you who are suffering for many months out of the year from severe allergies and sinus infections.  I’m ecstatic to find a natural solution to allergies.  I loathed the idea of dependence on over-the-counter allergy meds, which have side effects like drowsiness, excitability, dryness of throat and sinuses, and who knows what else–not to mention weird ingredients and dyes.  There’s no guarantee that this therapy will work for you, but I’m thinking that if it helped me–who was a serious case with a troublesome health history–there’s a good chance you’ll benefit as well.

While my drop therapy was for cat allergies, it can be prepared to combat allergies to grasses, trees, pollens, and animals.  It does not treat food allergies.  Contact an allergist or ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor to discuss how sublingual immunotherapy can work for you.


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