Quick and Easy Pizza


A few months ago, I saw this post from Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, showing us how easy and fun it was to make your own pizza.  After seeing the post, I was not only hungry but thinking, Why the heck aren’t I doing this already? Well, now I can happily say I am a pizza genius, and you can be too.  You really can’t go wrong.

Every time I made these pizzas, I used ingredients I happened to have in the fridge.  In under 20 minutes, you can have a wholesome snack or meal in front of you ready to be devoured.  And devour I did.  The first time, I ate a bit too much–OK, a lot much–because I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.

I used whole wheat pita and naan for these pizzas, although any type of flatbread would do–just try to use the least refined bread as possible.  The best option would be to make your own pizza crust, pre-bake it, and freeze until use, which I will most likely do at some point.  Even without homemade pizza crust, these pizzas taste so much better than delivery, frozen, or even most pizza I’ve had in restaurants.  The best thing about making individually sized pizza is that everyone gets to have exactly what they want!  Hurray!  Since you will be using whatever fresh ingredients you have on hand, the following recipes are more like a guide to get you started.  Now go create some pizza masterpieces!

Chicken Sausage Pizza

Whole wheat naan bread

Olive oil

Chicken apple sausage (from Applegate Farms)

Kale leaves

Goat cheese (I would have preferred feta here)

Olives, sliced

Herbes de Provence seasoning, sea salt

Meyer lemon-flavored olive oil (from O)

Meyer lemon-flavored olive oil. First flavored oil I've used, totally love it!

Notice my ever-present kitchen companion in the background!

Preheat oven to 360°F.  Brush naan with olive oil and place on oven rack (or baking sheet) for a few minutes so bread firms up a bit.  Take out naan and assemble toppings (I listed the ingredients in the order I used them) except for flavored olive oil.  Return pizza to oven and bake for 10 minutes or until crust reaches the firmness you like.  Remove pizza from oven and drizzle with lemon-flavored olive oil.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Whole wheat naan bread

Olive oil

Chicken, chopped (leftover from cooked rotisserie chicken)

Mushrooms, sauteed

Cheese (pepper jack or mozzarella work well here)

BBQ sauce (from Organicville, sweetened only with agave and molasses, best I’ve found!)

Follow same basic preparation as above recipe, baking until cheese is melted and crust is firm.  Add BBQ sauce right before serving.

Sorry for the poor quality of this picture.  I hadn’t planned on photographing the pizza, and just shot a pic on my phone right before descending upon it like an animal!

Roasted Turkey and Spinach Pizza

Whole wheat pita

Olive oil

Fresh spinach leaves

Roasted turkey deli meat, sliced (from Applegate Farms, none of the icky stuff you find in conventional lunch meats!)

Goat cheese (Gorgonzola would go nicely here too)

Green onions, sliced

Parsley, chopped

Meyer lemon-flavored olive oil

Use same basic preparation as previous recipes.  Add parsley and lemon olive oil right before serving.  Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Hope these ideas spark your imagination.  There are an endless combination of toppings from which to choose.  Please feel free to share your pizza ideas with us!


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