Summer Forecast

According to my writing weather-vane something has happened in the little town of Words Are Food that I feel I should call to your attention. Or rather, I would like to alleviate my guilt by publicly broadcasting this new weather pattern.

You may have noticed that my posts have become less frequent–my average 3-4 posts a week have dwindled down to 2. Some of you may be disappointed with these climate changes, and I’d like to explain: 1) My hours at my J.O.B. have increased, and all those hours are spent on my feet actively moving = less time (and energy) for blog posts due to a nasty high pressure system. 2) One of my resolutions for summer is enjoying the great outdoors more and taking advantage of what New York City has to offer = less time for blog posts due to clear, sunny skies. 3) I’m attempting to get some big projects completed that will hopefully result in my launch into a full-time writing career = less time for blog posts due to rapidly moving thunderstorms.

Do not fear, this is only a temporary atmospheric phenomenon. I thoroughly enjoy making time to write here, and my Creation, Inspiration, and Idea wells are far from being tapped dry.

The projected Words Are Food blog forecast for summer is a decreased chance of posts (2 posts each week) with a 100% chance of increased posting (back to 4) at the conclusion of warm-weather months. There is a slight possibility of writing tornados but, unlike actual tornados, only good things will result.

Hope this revised weather report doesn’t interfere with your summer plans, and stay tuned to this channel, as forecasts can be incorrect and change without notice, just like actual ones ๐Ÿ˜‰

One thought on “Summer Forecast

  1. Jill says:

    Sounds “cool” to me! I’ll look forward to checking in on your weather patterns…and may the winds blow in the right direction for you!


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