Summer’s Over, Say Goodbye

With all endings come new beginnings.  Life moves forth, whether we’re ready for it or not.  That’s what nature reminds us of with the changing of seasons.   Sometimes the end of a beloved season makes us sad and resistant to the season taking its place.  However, I think that–as with most things–it’s hard to miss that which never leaves, such a perpetual house guest.  The departure of Summer (capitalized for reasons of personification) from our lives will result in a joyful, warm welcome from us the following year.

In honor of our friend Summer, I’ve put together a collection of lovely memories I captured during these sunny months.  There were quite a few firsts for me this year:  First writing conference (and first time in Rhode Island), first team race (through mud!), first time staying in the Hamptons, first participation in a farm share (CSA).  Most of these pictures represent those firsts, which were exciting, fun, and rewarding.  The others include food I enjoyed and prepared, and our two “children” (whom I can’t resist showing off!).

Goodbye Summer, hope you were a pleasurable guest to everyone.  Hello Fall, welcome, it’s time to get re-acquainted.

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