Gift Wrapping Ideas that Wow

You’ve got the gifts.  Now…how to wrap them?  In wrapping paper that makes all your gifts look like clones?  Or in materials you’ve got lying around your house that will turn them into unique, special, gifts-within-gifts?  I really hope you said the latter, otherwise this post is pretty useless!

There are so many upsides to bypassing the paper for dressing your gifts:

  • You don’t have to waste money on expensive wrapping paper or endure wrapping paper of the cookie cutter sort.
  • You’re recycling!
  • You have the opportunity to display your craftiness and the recipient’s personality.
  • Your gifts turn out unique and (hopefully) lovely.
  • It’s fun!

The only “downside” is that this sort of wrapping takes some resourcefulness and perhaps a bit more time to acquire the materials.  What? Doesn’t everyone save all the bits of prettiness they come across throughout the year?! 😉

Ideas for Wrapping Gifts

  1. Shoes/boots (in the box):
Curtain fabric gathered on all sides and tied into a bow.

Fabric (from a curtain) gathered on all sides and tied into a bow.

Gray fabric wrapping side

Side view. Used velvet bow to glue around side of box to block out print showing through and keep fabric in place.

2.  Wallet or clutch:

Red fabric wrapping

Fabric folded like paper wrapping using glue gun. Bow added for flair and snugness.

3.  Jewelry (in boxes):

Silver wrapping duo

Small mailing boxes covered with scraps of clothing (from another era obviously!). Top: Extra fabric on each side tied with ribbon. Stars from broken decorations.  Bottom: Box centered on fabric and knotted at top.  Ribbon wrapped around several times and secured with hot glue.

4.  Clothing, option #1:

Pillowcase wrapping

Decorative pillowcase. Gift tucked in corner, folded in half to close, and extra fabric folded in on sides to show trim and inside color. Secured with glue gun and ribbon.

5.  Clothing, option #2:

Mailing tube covered with pages of old art calendar, trimmed to fit and glued.

Back view.

Back view.

6.  Clothing, option #3

Two pieces of fabric hot-glued together on three sides. Gift slid in pocket. Extra fabric on top folded over in front. Fasten with tape or very carefully with glue. Flower added to cover fastening point. Should have ironed fabric!

Two pieces of fabric hot-glued together on three sides. Shirt slid into pocket. Extra fabric on top folded over in front. Glue applied very carefully to center of flap to fasten. Flower added to cover fastening point and decorative effect. Should have ironed fabric!

7.  Clothing, option #4

Use a gift box as a palette for all those cute/beautiful holiday cards you receive! Fronts of cards cut to size if necessary and glued to box. Bare area decorated with silver pen. Box kept closed with elastic band with bow.

8.  Purses or bags:

Fabric option easily solves how to wrap oddly shaped gifts like bags. Left: Fabric tied into place in several spots. Right: Fabric folded over in back and edges glued into place (carefully!).

P.S.  There is a use for paper wrapping if you have some lying around…gift tags!  Cut off a square or rectangular piece, fold in half, and punch a hole near the top corner or on the folded side.  Write your message inside and tie to gift with bit of string or ribbon.

For more ideas, here’s another of my posts on fabric gift wrapping.

Well…That’s a wrap!

Happy Holidays!

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