A Few of My Favorite Things

heart in sandIn honor of the spirit of love, here are a few of the products, services, and sites that are keeping me happy and healthy:

Green Beauty Team

This site is my go-to stop for getting the scoop on the latest, best, eco-friendly, and body-loving beauty products. Kristen Arnett, founder of Green Beauty Team, is a professional makeup artist responsible for many of the glam faces on major fashion runways around the world. She proves, day after day, that makeup and skin care need not be chemical laden to work beautifully. Her team of experts give us the lowdown on beauty, skin, and health. Especially helpful is her Toxic Ingredients Glossary…chances are you’ll find many of them lurking in your products.

For Internal Use Only

For Internal Use Only is the second novel from NYC author and cupcake lover, Cari Kamm. She writes entertaining, inspiring, witty, and addictive stories, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! I had the honor of getting a sneak read in before its Valentine’s Day début. Read my review on Amazon here…and show yourself some love by getting your own copy!


I rarely use conventional perfume because of the harsh chemicals/toxins and how my allergies can be set off with one strong whiff. But that doesn’t mean I can’t smell delicious! Lavanila Laboratories offers all-natural yummy scents like Vanilla Blackberry, Vanilla Lavender, and Vanilla Coconut, which I’ve personally tried. There are other fragrances from which to choose, all in a variety of sizes.

Pick Your Plum

Such a great little site for unique, get-it-til-it’s-gone deals! After you sign up, Pick Your Plum will send you one offer each morning (Monday through Friday) for truly remarkable prices. From tins to twine, clutches to cupcake liners, skirts to striped straws…they’re all lovely and at a steal! Classy clutches for $7.95?! Crazy! Unlike other bargain sites, I like that you don’t have to spend any time browsing to see if there’s a deal you want…only one thing being offered, so if it’s not your thing…delete! The only catch is you can’t wait too long to buy…these deals are gone faster than you can pick a crate of plums.

Savvy Bohème

I received a deluxe sample of Savvy Bohème’s Summer in Spain Whipped Cocoa Butter in one of my Goodebox shipments (another favorite of mine!). I was in love the moment I opened the jar. The creamy concoction has the intoxicating aroma of orange chocolate and melts delightfully into your skin. While you can’t eat it, at least you’ll know this “dessert” is nothing but good for your skin and those who are special enough to touch it!


Beauty Benefit cream (aka B.B. cream) is a big thing right now and for good reason: Who wouldn’t want a product that treats, hydrates, protects, primes, and covers the skin in ONE STEP? The only problem is that most of the B.B. creams out there are totally toxic. The solution is Suntegrity’s “5 in 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen, available in Light and Medium shades. I adore the way this multitasking product feels and looks on my skin, and that all the awesome ingredients are giving my skin the love it deserves.

Show yourself and your special people some love…not just today but


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