Squash “Pasta”

Heaven.  That's what this dish is.  It doesn't taste like pasta, it isn't spaghetti squash, but it reminds me of a pasta dish nonetheless.  This recipe is a new favorite of mine.  It's simple, but totally satisfying, and the big bonus is that it's a low-carb, low-calorie, highly nutrition meal.  It's an especially good choice … Continue reading Squash “Pasta”

Cleansing Carrot Ginger Soup

This soup is cleansing to the body, full of nutrients, and packed with flavor.  I'm a big advocate of making extra portions of food and giving them second and third lives as new dishes--this soup is no exception. I incorporated some leftover soup into grains (leftover) and veggies (previously washed and cut) for a creamy creation that took less … Continue reading Cleansing Carrot Ginger Soup

2 Green Smoothies, 6 Ways to Enjoy Them

[tweetmeme] During this cleanse, I've been experimenting with smoothies.  I've managed to discover some tasty concoctions while getting in a remarkable amount of dark leafy greens!  To those of you who have never had a green smoothie, try to keep an open mind.  It's not like drinking wheat grass, which anyone will admit tastes exactly … Continue reading 2 Green Smoothies, 6 Ways to Enjoy Them

Wide Awake. Downing Dark Greens. Getting My Sexy Back.

[tweetmeme] It's Day 6 of my Spring Cleanse!  Time for a progress report. Positives Feeling really awake in the morning, doesn't take too long to clear away the fog. Seeing results in my body.  My little waist is making a comeback!  Hopefully, my thighs will be next. Totally sticking to the food plan.  Eating a … Continue reading Wide Awake. Downing Dark Greens. Getting My Sexy Back.

Breakfast Kasha

[tweetmeme] Buckwheat, also known as kasha, is a highly nutritious food.  Right now I'm experimenting with less commonly used grains for my breakfast cereal.  Oatmeal is a little too gelatinous and soupy for my tastes.  I prefer a heartier, chewier, and more flavorful choice.  Kasha satisfied my requirements delightfully.  My experimental recipe resulted in an easy breakfast … Continue reading Breakfast Kasha