Napa Coleslaw

The name of this cabbage got me imagining the picturesque landscape of Napa Valley, where I would be picnicking, sipping some locally produced wine and nibbling on artisanal cheeses.  I think this Napa Coleslaw recipe is a different, and I'd like to say elegant, twist on traditional coleslaw that would be worthy of such a … Continue reading Napa Coleslaw

Basic Homemade Mayonnaise

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in store-bought mayonnaise?  Soybean oil, corn starch, sugar, and some things I can't easily pronounce.  Even the health-store brands have some ingredients in there I'm not happy about, like canola oil.  Even though I don't use mayonnaise on a regular basis, my condiment of choice for homemade baked … Continue reading Basic Homemade Mayonnaise