Pita Pocket Eggs

This recipe came out of an attempt to find yet another use for the bagful of garlic scapes I have brought home from my CSA over the last three weeks. I took on the role of matchmaker and introduced Mr. Scape to Ms. Egg.  Onion and Cheese tagged along on the date, but were not resented in the least.  They all decided to join the party over at Pita’s, who welcomed them in for a deliciously good time.  The cooked-up soiree was a boon for me:  I had pockets-full of eggs, a happy mouth, and a just-full-enough tummy.

Recipe – You’ll need…

Onion, eggs, pita, cheese, scape

olive oil

onion, sliced or chopped – I used half the onion bulb pictured

1 garlic scape, thinly chopped (or use 1-2 garlic cloves) – I ended up using ¾ of the scape

2 eggs from happy chickens

cheese, thinly sliced – I used raw Wisconsin cheddar

whole wheat pita – Make sure it’s not flat bread, it needs to have pockets when you cut it in half

1 tablespoon onion tops, chopped for garnish (or use chives)

sea salt and pepper

Start cookin’!

Add a glug of olive oil to pan (no more than a tablespoon).  Over medium-high heat, cook onion and garlic until slightly brown.  The garlic will become crispy, which I enjoy, but if you’re not a fan of that, lower heat or don’t cook as long.  You can add some salt and pepper as they’re cooking.  Once the onion and garlic is cooked to your satisfaction, remove from pan and set aside.  Since the remaining steps won’t take long, place whole pita in toaster oven and heat.  Don’t cut the pita in half at this point…it will toast its pockets closed! Keep an eye out that it doesn’t toast too much, you’re going for hot pita, not stiff pita.

Now, back to the eggs…add a little more olive oil to the pan if necessary and crack eggs into pan.  Fry over medium heat until whites become opaque.  The eggs pictured are not quite there yet. Scatter cheese on top of eggs.  Turn off heat.

If you like your eggs sunny-side up, you’re done.  If you enjoy them over-easy to over-medium as I do, gently flip eggs over and let them cook a bit in the still-hot pan. The cheese will melt and fry up a little, so if you don’t care for that, add the cheese after you’ve flipped.  You know how you like your eggs and cheese, so do whatever that is! You can add a bit more salt and pepper at this point, if desired.

Cut pita in half.  If you’ve just taken it out of the oven, the little bugger is hot so you might need an oven mitt for your pita-holding hand. Into each pita half, insert one egg, the onion and garlic mixture, and the chopped onion tops/chives.

Now you’ve got a (pita) pocketful of eggs!  Enjoy!


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