Green Cleaners That Really Work!

We spent the better part of last week painting our kitchen.  In the process of giving this room a much needed face lift, there was a lot of cleaning of stuck-on dust and grime, sticky residues, and paint drips.  The experience reminded me how much I love my cleaning products!  I wanted to share some … Continue reading Green Cleaners That Really Work!

Fabulous Finds from the Coffee and Tea Festival

I recently attended the 6th Annual Coffee & Tea Festival--how did I miss the past five?--and I'm so excited to share the fruits of my diligent foraging, sipping, and sampling!  A $10 ticket I found on ScoopSt. bought me the opportunity to check out and take home goodies from over thirty companies.  Although I came … Continue reading Fabulous Finds from the Coffee and Tea Festival

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: A Documentary

*Please do not use the contact form on this website to send a message to Joe.  Use this form to contact him instead.  Thank you!*  Fat, sick, and nearly dead. That was the condition Joe Cross lived in until he decided to take charge of his health and his life.  Joe, a successful businessman from … Continue reading Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead: A Documentary

Natural Makeup Review: Alima Pure

I've been on the lookout for affordable all-natural makeup, eye makeup to be more precise.  Recently, I came across Alima Pure and decided to give it a try.  Here's why I decided to make a purchase: The wide palette of colors are beautiful. The makeup line scored well on Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. The products … Continue reading Natural Makeup Review: Alima Pure

8 More Food Blogs You Must Visit

In my post 9 Food Blogs You Must Visit, I shared the amazing people and sites from which I gained inspiration for Words Are Food when I was putting it together.  With the gazillion or so blogs out there dedicated to the love of food, there are certainly more websites with which a food-lover must … Continue reading 8 More Food Blogs You Must Visit